Takaratomy Beyblade Burst Evolution Genesis Valtryek

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Price: INR 749.00 - INR 739.00

This beyblade burst evolution starter pack includes 1 beyblade burst attack type top -right spin [consisting of 1 valtryek v3 (aka genesis valtryek) spring shrinks when movable bouncing upper blade hits opponent. Reflex power creates powerful attack] [1 dr26 (aka attack) attack type disc with six wings create down force interchangeable ring strike power is enhanced by three blades that focus on right spin] 1 ta11 (aka variable) attack type tip including gimmick that reaccelerates top in the latter half of the battle. Gimmick activated with centrifugal force and 1 beyblade burst launcher. Collect, customize and compete.Genesis valtryek v3 is an attack type energy layer, the centre features a feathered, armored face facing forward
Can burst opponents tops in battle, components are interchangeable with other beyblade burst tops
Burst rates vary
Only use beyblade burst tops with beyblade burst stadium
Subject to availability
The perimeter is made up of a translucent layer with three upward slanting wings which act as the primary points of recoil and an opaque layer with three smaller sub-wings behind the main set
As part of the switch strike layer system, genesis valtryek v3 features gimmicks, the first is that the translucent layer and primary wings are spring loaded to create bound attack


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