Jack Royal MECHANIX – (Advance)

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This big MECHANIX set has instructions to build 28 models with almost 250 pieces. The best part about it is that it starts with simple models that gradually increase in complexity as the skill of the builder grows. This along with the number of versatile parts (including gears) makes it a great set for beginners and advanced builders alike. HOW TO PLAY: This kit comes with all the tools, and parts to build 28 different models, one at a time. After completing these 28 models, the builder can use the nuts bolts, and other versatile parts to create many more models and projects. The manual provided can help you build any of the models mentioned in the set. Just remember these few points in your build: 1. Follow the steps mentioned in the manual and watch out for the notes mentioned. 2. Always remove the parts required in the step aside. After completing the step, noticing if any parts are left is a good way to recheck before moving on.HOW TO LEARN: The MECHANIX system provides the user with tools he/she needs to help them bring an idea, a or a thought to reality. It inculcates curiosity to learn, ability and confidence to build something with real life tools. This is an important skill that helps in being able to think out of the box and builds your cognitive skills. Like you need to put a child in water to teach him to swim, you need to give him the MECHANIX pieces and screw driver to make him want to connect things. Construction is building up of an Idea or project first in the mind, with the right tools in the hand. This modern MECHANIX set is the perfect introduction of engineering to children. The models and parts are designed to making the building process easy and a great way to encourage a child into the new experience of creation. The manual starts with basic models first and as the skill of the builder increases, complexity of models also increases, which make it perfect for the first time builder. WHAT YOU GET: 215 Parts 8 Models High Powered Motor and Gears259 Parts 28 Models Including screw driver and spanner.
Crafted from high quality steel and finished perfectly for the ideal feel and finish
Teaches and Improves: Fine motor skills, logical thinking, creative thinking
A step-by-step manual to enable your child to learn the basics of fitting and guide him through the process
Develops hand/eye coordination. It will be a perfect gift for your loved ones.Types or models may vary as per the availability


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