Funskool Soft Ball

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Shop a range of soft toy collections from the house of Funskool. These soft toys will make everything happy. These fun and safe toys by this brand will motivate your children to develop their motor and social skills. The growing children are active most of the time. Sometimes they play rough and might bump on the ground with excitement. This is why it is essential to keep all soft texture goods around them. These keep the children safe from getting from hurt. These toys also make them feel all the comfort of the world.
The soft and colourful toy collection by this brand is made of soft material and has an appealing colourful look. Your child will feel happy and intrigued whenever he or she sees these toys. This multi-coloured soft ball is light in weight and is totally safe to play with. You should not worry even if it gets dirty as it is completely washable. You can wash them in the machine too. You can allow your baby to play with this ball indoors and outdoors.
It is a perfect-sized ball that is comfortable for cute tiny hands to carry and cute tiny legs to kick. The soft ball toy is 82g in weight and has a dimension of about 21.2x16x11cm. This easy-to-carry, adorable plush toy is an apt toy for your child. Your child can hug and cuddle with it too. Buy the Funskool Soft Ball for your little girl and keep her happy and safe all the time.

Soft and colorful
This multicolored soft ball is lightweight and safe to play with
Machine washable
Can be played indoor and outdoor
This adorable plush toy is made of soft fabric that’s perfect to cuddle with and easy to carry


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