Funskool Scotland Yard

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The mysterious Mister X is on the move and it’s up to London’s top detectives to stop him. Scotland Yard has all the ingredients of an enjoyable, lighthearted game of cat and mouse. Cops and robbers must negotiate their way around Central London, trading their allocations of bus, underground and taxi tickets for passage around a game board with 199 locations. One contestant takes on the role of Mister X and attempts to outwit his wouldbe captors; lying low under London Bridge, running riot in Regent’s Park or bowling bravely through Buckingham Palace. The remaining participants, a minimum of two detectives, must rely on all their supersleuth skills to catch their man. For the most part Mister X travels around in secret but he is obliged to “emerge” briefly at specified intervals in the game to reveal his whereabouts. This provokes a frantic pursuit as the detectives follow various clues that may or may not lead to the fugitive’s new location. The hideandseek nature of the game makes for fine family entertainment although younger players may find such tactical searching requires a little too much patience. Ultimately there’s much fun to be had in the role of the elusive Mister X and wannabe detectives will relish the prospect of collaring the bad guy. Product Features: ? Scotland Yard needs a team of daredevil detectives, who can race through the streets of London and capture Mr. X, a fugitive. ? An involving game of dodging, racing, cornering and chasing.A breathtaking game of dodging, racing, cornering and chasing
One of the players takes on the role of Mr X
Job is to move from point to point around the map of London taking taxis, buses or subways
Set includes a playing board, log book, playing pieces, cards and travel tickets
Great family game


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