Genius Box – Play some Learning Science Lab Toys for Children (Multicolour)

Price: INR 2,000.00 - INR 1,699.00

Science Lab, packed with more than 30 experiments explores the science behind sound, light, liquids, chemicals and optical illusions. The experiments explore the physical properties of fluids, surface tension or liquid density. Investigate principles of light, shadows, colours of light, reflection, refraction and optical illusion.
Work on projects to understand sound waves and variations. or write secret messages with invisible ink to comprehend chemical reactions, saturated-unsaturated solutions, and crystals. The 64-page, full-colour experiment manuals provide clear instructions for preparing and performing the experiments and also gives scientific explanations, interesting facts, tips to take the experiment further and safety advice on each experiment.

Kit includes following learning activities:
1. Fun with Liquids – 11 Experiments
2. Sound and Music – 4 experiments
3.Chemical Fusion – 6 Experiments
4. Light and Shadow – 6 Experiments
5. Optical Illusions – 4 Experiments
6. Junior Scientist CertificateAge group: 5 plus years kids
Contains: 30 science exeperiments
Included: step-by-step d.i.y instruction manual and certificate
S.t.e.m and arts
Skills enhanced: world awareness, sensory and motor skills, language development, creativity and imagination, cognitive development, socio-emotional development and logical thinking

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