Ramakada Unbreakable Automobile Car Toys for Kids Set of 4, Multi Color

Price: INR 1,999.00 - INR 499.00

Unbreakable Engineering Automobile Car Construction Machine Toys Set For Children Kids Tractor Trolly, Trucks and Jcb Machine (Set Of 4), Multi Color

Happy engineering team series. A bulldozer with a digging arm, a dump truck, a farmer tractor and a concrete mixer truck. Lovely cartoon drivers. Each truck with different interesting functions for playing. Sturdy construction. Bright colors. Vivid details.

Amazing toys for toddlers to develop hand eye coordination, hands on ability and creativity. Friction, educational, early development, Sensitive about subtle things. Distinguish between vehicle, functions and names learn and identify different engineering vehicles.

Enhance baby’s curiosity baby learns to identify and recognize various objects sensory perception. Recognize colours and shapes learn various colours and shapes of vehicles which can teach kids new things and enhance learning interest hand eye coordination pushing the friction car forward can exercise baby’s hand eye coordination chasing moving engineering vehicles can develop baby’s muscles and hence good for motor skills development.

Also improves walking stability and balancing let baby’s curiosity take itself to develop its exploration ability.

Enhance baby’s curiosity
Amazing toys
A bulldozer with a digging arm

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